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John Lumby's photogaphy spans 60 years and embraces subjects as diverse as art, aviation and sport,

but above all landscapes of Switzerland and neighbouring regions.


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Photography of Prue Bishop's Sculptuaral Watercolours

He is also Prue Bishop's personal photographer.

She devised the Sculptural Watercolour artistic genre towards the end of the last century.

His home is near Geneva, Switzerland, but he is often out and about finding new subjects.

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Chillon Castle Dungeon - by Prue Bishop


Chillon Castle Prison, Lac Léman, Switzerland- September 2016
A sculptural watercolour by Prue Bishop
in a box frame 70 x 50 x 8 cm
Photo © John Lumby

It is 200 years since Lord Byron visited Chillon Castle, immediately publishing The Prisoner of Chillon, that includes:

Dim with a dull imprisoned ray,
A sunbeam which hath lost its way,
And through the crevace and the cleft
of the thick wall is fallen and left

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Photography in Support of Research

The aim of a great deal of John Lumby's photography in recent years has been to provide side-by-side comparative images in support of Prue Bishop's research papers in which she has provided subjects of many sketches by J M W Turner for the first time. For the most recent publications, please see Prue Bishop's research papers in London's British Art Journal - Summer 2015 and Spring 2016 editions.


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